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Location:Strecthes over Eurasia and North africa ;near th top of the world just below the tundra biome

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Climate: very cold winters with only snowfall,warm,rainy,an humid summers;average temperatures are below freezing for six months,winter temperatures ranging from -54 to -1C(-65 to 30 F);summer temperatures ranging from (lowest)-7C(20F) to (highest)21C(70F) with 50-100 frost free days;precipitation comes in forms of ran,snow,and dew

Plant Life: Paper Birch, Black Spruce, White Poplar
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Animal Life: Bobcat, Snowshoe Rabbit, Wolverine
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Brrrr, some might say, who aren't used to taiga weather. This is a beautiful biome with numerous, diverse plantsand animals. Those who love the cold an snow, this is the perfect destination. For thosem who live in the sun, put on your snow gear, because it's time for somethin new! So come on out and enjoy the wonderful experience the taiga has in store for you!